On February 24, 2022, President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The invasion itself forced 12 million to flee their homes, with 5 million seeking asylum across Europe as refugees and 7 million being displaced within their countries.

Yevheniia Izmailova, or Zhenya, a Ukrainian student at St. Andrew’s in the 11th grade, said, “There are multiple air alarms that could continue for several hours each day. Also, there are explosions and [the] absence of electricity… you can never feel safe.” 

The war has also had an immeasurable impact on daily life. 

“You cannot prepare food whenever you want; you have problems sleep[ing,] and lessons [are] frequently interrupted by air attacks,” said Zhenya.  “Nevertheless, people still manage to go to work, to school, and do what they have to do.” 

Zhenya lives in the United States, but the invasion still affects her.  So many in Ukraine have been affected by this invasion. They, and millions across the globe, hope that someday soon this war will be over, and the Ukrainian people will no longer have to live in fear.

Nicole Pathak ’26


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