St. Andrew’s finishes strong to win home opener against Sandy Spring

On Friday evening the St. Andrew’s Lions hosted the Sandy Spring Friends School in their home opener, leading to a 55-40 victory. The team was led by Senior Masai Troutman, who finished with an impressive 22 points.

Despite St. Andrew’s early turnover troubles, which put a stop to expanding their lead, the Lions were able to close out every quarter on top. Both teams seemed to exchange momentum early on, with sloppy play that kept the game close. As the clock neared 5 minutes, the score was tied 40-40. The Lions then came out of the timeout roaring, going on a 15-0 run to close out the game. 

Nerves coming into the game for the players and coaches were very high, and rightfully so considering the teams high expectations. The year long hiatus combined with the electric student section could have been a contributing factor to the slower start. In spite of this, St. Andrew’s came into the game with a fiery attitude and ultimately executed their plays well, leading to a strong finish.

St. Andrew’s next contest will be a monumental away game at conference rivalry Sidwell Friends School on Tuesday.


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