By Alexandra Cannon ’22

For athletes at every level, Covid-19 has disrupted training and threatened a major component of students’ identities. To adhere to federal guidelines and to ensure the safety of students, schools all across the country have halted or adjusted their sports seasons, including St.Andrew’s. 

During this period, student athletes find themselves unable to train as they would under normal circumstances, and because of this, many athletes have worries regarding their future in their sport. Many student athletes are facing difficulties with motivation, and coaches are worried about whether or not their teams will compete ,

Simone Doumbouya-Foreman, a junior on the St. Andrews varsity basketball team as well as a member in her out of school AAU team, describes the sports scene this year as being a mix of emotions for her and other players alike. “Recently it has been so hard to even find a gym to workout out in, and so many places I have worked out at have closed down,” she said.   Much like Simone, many other students are finding themselves in this same predicament—without access to equipment that would be available under normal circumstances. 

For many students at St. Andrew’s, coaches have been very supportive and have kept their athletes updated on the latest virus and sports information, and although there is much uncertainty about the sports seasons, keeping on top of training is the most important priority for the time being. Although, another concern for many athletes is whether or not they will get to play in their next season, along with safety and staying protected during coronavirus. That is why many sports teams, such as the basketball teams, are focusing on individual skill based drills. 

Dane Smith, the head coach of Varsity Boys Lacrosse, said that the team was fortunate enough to have 8 weeks of modified training from late September through the end of November before campus closed due to Covid. Currently, students are being encouraged to spend the holidays resting up and catching up on school work. In regards to training, the lacrosse team is prepared for any scenario, “we hope to be back in hybrid learning soon and be working with our players on campus, though in the meantime we will prepare for both scenarios” said coach Smith. 

This article was originally published in the Winter 2020-21 Print Edition, the full version can be viewed here

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