Ben Wohl ‘ 25 and Isabelle Goodweather ’25

When the novelty of back-to-school season wears off, a new buzz fills the air, and a familiar tradition comes upon St. Andrew’s students, teachers, and alumni alike. Dresses are picked out, signs are made, and sports events are held, all leading up to the main event: Homecoming week. 

To kick off the festivities, students participated in spirit days throughout the week. With themes ranging from “Barbie pink” to “red, white, and blue,” an abundance of color circulated the hallways. 

The general consensus among students was that these spirit days were great opportunities to build and strengthen community bonds. Students, all excited to participate, posed for pictures and planned their outfits for the week.

Spirit week concluded on Friday when each Upper School class participated in the homecoming tent competition. Seniors took the win with their Saturday Night Live-themed skit and tent. After school, a pep rally raged with Seniors Juliette Naddelman and Cole Cohen showcasing the fall sports teams as they hyped the crowd with dodgeball and a relay-race.  

After the pep rally, the quad buzzed with people as they walked to the homecoming carnival. From cotton candy to fun games, students were occupied with excitement, as anticipation for Saturday’s activities was undeniable.

Saturday morning’s rain did not dampen the mood for the annual Homecoming activities, as the St. Andrew’s community, students and parents alike, showed up in droves. Lions met up with their cubs before the walk at the Lion Cub Breakfast. As Senior Grant Gilman put it, the event “made [him] feel closer to [his] community.”  

The heart of the school continued to be exemplified as the groups made their way outside for the annual Walk for the Homeless. This event, held in partnership with the Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, benefits individuals experiencing homelessness and is a staple of St. Andrew’s yearly homecoming festivities. According to Chaplain James Isaacs, “Serving those who are in need has always been a part of the identity of St. Andrew’s” and  “[The Walk] is an opportunity for us to embody those values.” 

As the day progressed, girls and boys varsity soccer teams won their games, building anticipation for the main event: Saturday night’s homecoming dance.

The festivities concluded Saturday night at the Dance. The Hollywood theme took over the lunchroom as a Hollywood sign was hung, and senior stars lined the walls. Students flooded in, many excited to dance and participate in the activities planned for the night. This year’s dance included a karaoke machine, which was a hit with people filling up the karaoke room. 


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