Hannah Levin ’25

Throughout past Girl’s Varsity Soccer seasons, the bleachers have mostly stood empty. This year is different, however. One way or another, the word was spread, support was rallied, and attendance soared. It seems as though the whole school had been on its feet, captivated by St. Andrews’ Girls Varsity Soccer.

Although their season has since ended, they set an impressive record before they fell short to Flint Hill during the second round of the playoffs. The team made it to penalty kicks where they lost 6-5. 

But what made these games so intriguing? The matches were filled with exciting goals, steals, and blocks. Senior Nariah Goldman, an American University commit, and Junior Kosette Koons-Perdikis wore the captain’s bands this year. Together, with the rest of the team, they set a 10-3-1 record, making them second in the ISL. Goals primarily came from Emma Antonetti, Raina Andrew, and Lucy Bobb, as well as the aforementioned Goldman and Koons-Perdikis.

Senior Nariah Goldman shared that the team’s newfound success is due to being “more connected” and that the fans should “appreciate the effort in girls’ games.” Goldman also stated that success “comes with building the team culture.” She believes this connection has been a motivating factor in reaching their current standing in the league. She also added how the freshmen have played a significant role in the team’s dynamic, as many of the girls have been at St. Andrew’s since middle school. The team knows they can trust each other in the games, even in times of struggle, allowing them to thrive on the field.

Junior Maddy Friedman added, “Our team has a lot of good chemistry and strong players,” and these connections can be seen within the wins and goals scored. Every player is a valuable member of the team, and all of them share a strong connection.  Team-wide celebrations were made for every goal scored, with the defensive players even running to congratulate them from the other side of the field. 

This celebration is not only seen by players, but also by the student section. Junior Kate Odell noted that it’s not only “fun to see the school come together and show our spirit,” but to see the team’s hard work and talent. She loves “seeing all of the players’ goals,” and loves cheering them on at the games.

Coach George, a new addition to the coaching staff, has also been a great help not only in improving everyone’s skills individually, but he has built up those skills as a team. Their practice’s now have clear plans and use specific formation drills. 

Junior Ashley Antezana added, “Although he has very high expectations, he never forgets to have fun and is always joking around,” even naming himself, “Festus the Bestus.”

So what’s to come next? Although they lost in the second round of the playoffs, more success is here to come for the team next season.

Photograph by Andrea Joseph


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