If Brian Caceres could be any animal he wanted, he would be a panda. Why? Because “they just kind of chill all day” and “everyone loves them.” 

Mr. Caceres started work as our new receptionist/administrative assistant this July, after moving from working at Millipore Sigma, a biotech company. He has also worked as a field organizer on many political campaigns. 

The reason Mr. Caceres chose to come to St. Andrew’s have a lot to do with why he enjoyed working for political campaigns. He loves “small community cultures” and getting to know each of his coworkers personally.

 In a place like St. Andrew’s, where everyone is welcomed and warmly included, these people become Mr. Caceres “support system,” the ones who help him out when he has a problem on the job, “Ms. Johnson, Mr. Tajan, Ms. Porterfield, they are all super helpful.” 

In many ways adjusting to life at his new job has been relatively seamless, “you get into the pace of things and then it’s really simple. Everyone helps you out a lot and then you get to doing it on your own. And then if you ever need to fall back on someone, they are there to help.”

 Mr. Caceres also said he loves to learn all of the student’s names, and watch St. Andrew’s talented sports teams.

In his spare time, Mr. Caceres practices martial arts like jiu jitsu and muay thai “just because it’s fun.”  He loves to hang out with his dog, hike, fly fish, cook, and bake. Stop in and say hello to Mr. Caceres, because you probably won’t be alone.  

“Right now with admissions tours going on, I get hellos like 50 times a day,” said Caceres. “It’s really exciting to be the first face students and families see when they come to St. Andrews.” 

Henry Freytag, ’24


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