Rioters Storm the Capitol

This article is no longer updating, coverage concluded at 8:50pm on 7 January 2020. More coverage in the next edition of the Mane News.

WASHINGTON (Mane News) – The United States capital today was stormed by thousands of protesters, demanding the 2020 presidential election be overturned. The storming of the capital was a historic event that has never been seen before in American history. In scenes typical to coup attempts in other countries, the protesters managed to breach the capital security, by smashing in windows and doors allowing hundreds to take control of the capital and the Senate floor.

Following a defiant speech by President Trump, claiming that “they are trying to STEAL the Election”, the protesters became aggressive and began marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, to the capital where they met little resistance from police, capital security, and the national guard. Violence then occurred in the capital, resulting in a woman being seriously shot. It has also been reported that tear gas has been used in the rotunda to disperse the crowd. In recent news, at least one explosive device was found on the capitol grounds.

Inspired by Trump, the objective of the protesters was to stop members of the house and senate from casting their ballots supporting the electoral college, and making it official that former vice president Joe Biden and US senator Kamala Harris were elected president and vice president of the United States.

The situation became so dire that Mayor Bowser of Washington DC sent additional forces to the capital and imposed a 12-hour curfew starting at 6 pm tonight. With low visibility, the threat of the protesters becomes much more dangerous to law enforcement and private citizens alike. President Trump himself tweeted that he had called in members of the national guard, however, no one can predict what will occur this evening after 6 pm in darkness. After President Trump’s tweet on the national guard, he also denounced the violent acts being committed by his supporters despite having encouraged these acts at previous rallies and speeches to continue the protest and not accept the electoral results. The chaotic setting was brought about by the president making false claims on the election. 

Vice president Pence and other government officials were moved away from the senate chamber for their own protection and security. Government officials have been ordered to stay inside their offices, lock doors, stay away from windows, and turn off cell phones, to ensure security from the out of control protestors. 

During the last 6 weeks, Trump has tried to overturn the will of the people by making egregious statements and encouraging chaos in an effort to defy the constitution. Dozens of lawsuits have been filed by his supporters, all of which have been thrown out by the courts including two attempts to gain the support of the US supreme court, which currently has a Republican majority.

President Trump has now released a video, asking his supporters to go home. It remains unknown whether the rioters follow the president’s instructions.

While today’s events are beginning to fade, the capitol building has scars of trespassers. Glass litters the floor from broken windows, tear gas lingers in the hallways, blood stains carpets,  and maga apparel is left everywhere.  

Several government officials have commented on today’s terrorist episode, including president-elect Biden, asking “ this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward” 

The Senate has continued the electoral college count, with police securing the Capital and deeming it safe. The east side currently has no discovered threats, and security and police dogs are continuously searching now. Only 13 rioters have been arrested. These individuals had firearms in their possession and are currently being investigated. 

Three people have been taken to hospitals, including a woman being shot from earlier today who subsequently died due to gunshot wounds. 

As of 8:30, two homemade bombs have been found near the DNC and RNC headquarters. A tow truck (found outside the RNC headquarters) has been confiscated and searched by the FBI, who have found dozens of shotguns, rifles, and hundreds of rounds of ammo. It is unknown to the public who the truck belongs to and whether it is connected to the two discovered bombs. 

Currently, the 12-hour curfew is in place, with most rioters dispersing. DC police, capital security, and the national guard are all aiding in the enforcement of the curfew and the majority of the crowd had left after 7 pm. Arlington Virginia has also been put on a curfew due to worries that the rioters would move the “protests” to nearby Arlington. Local officials have been and will likely continue to be in contact to ensure civilian’s safety. 

Rosa Casey-Teeley

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