Redskins Get First Win of the Season

Redskins finally get their first win of 2019!

After falling to the Patriots 33 – 7  in week 5, the Redskins, fired their longtime head coach Jay Gruden. Gruden had been with the team for five years, under him the team finished with a 35 – 49 – 1 record. In addition, his teams had only two winning seasons and one playoff appearance; it was clear things weren’t working out in Washington. Fortunately for them, their counterpart, the Miami Dolphins, were also 0-5. The Redskins rolled out veteran quarterback Case Keenum, who at the time had seven touchdown passes, 970 yards, and four interceptions. Keenum started by throwing a 25-yard touchdown to Terry McLaurin early in the second quarter and again to McLaurin in the third quarter. 

On the other side, Josh Rosen started as QB for the Dolphins. After only throwing 15/25 for 85 yards and two interceptions, the Dolphins changed it up and put in Veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Losing by 14 at the start of the fourth quarter, Fitzpatrick pushed the Dolphins offense to the one-yard line then handed it off for a rushing touchdown. The score was now 17 – 10 and the Dolphins needed a stop. With a great kickoff, the Dolphins put the Redskins at their own one-yard line. Unable to score that drive, the Dolphins, led by Fitzpatrick, had the ball at their 25 with under a minute and a half remaining in the game. Passing all the way to the Redskins eleven-yard line, then passing for an eleven-yard touchdown, Ryan Fitzpatrick put the Dolphins at a one-point deficit. The Dolphins had to make the choice to either kick the field goal to tie the game up or go for a two-point conversation for the win. They decided to go for the two-point conversation, which put them at the two-yard line. With six seconds remaining in the game, Fitzpatrick snapped the ball and threw the ball to Kenyon Drake, who dropped it! Case Keenum had a 52% pass completion, 166 yards, two touchdown passes. Terry McLaurin had four receptions for 100 yards and two touchdowns. Led by these two players, the Redskins got their first win of the season. Throughout the season, the Redskins had a lot of difficulties to work out, but with the win, Miami definitely made gave Redskins fans all over the country a reason to celebrate. 

By Garlan Reading

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